Website Maintenance

Once your web site is launched on the internet, at some stage you will probably want to change your web site with information on new products, services, special offers etc.

Site updates 

Web site maintenance can be a time consuming task, varying widely depending on the site and your business.

We provide flexible maintenance services to meet your needs, from adhoc site updates as and when you require them to regular maintenance. Most importantly we provide our clients with a personal reliable service.

How to supply your updates

Most text and image updates are normally supplied electronically (i.e. e-mailed or sent on a disk or CD). Some text and images arrive on paper, we then scan and extract text and images, this does take a little more time however. Our clients are always pleased with our friendly and helpful approach to updating their web sites.

Scheduled Maintenance

Scheduled maintenance provides you with known fixed maintenance costs and the comfort that updates will be performed responsively to your demands.

How often updates are made is of course up to you, a sensible maintenance schedule is based on monthly or quarterly updates of key pages (a news page for example). 

Our maintenance schedule services provide site updating to ensure your web site contains your latest business information, with peace of mind. 

Even if we did not originally design your web site , these services are still available to you.