Web Design and Development Stages

Website design is very similar to planning any other company production such as sales leaflets, brochures or promotions project.  You know your business and what you want to achieve from your website.

We will be working together as a project team, to transform your ideas into reality.  We shall achieve this by a logical web design approach, using specific design and development stages. 

Stage 1: Planning

Discuss/determine your objectives, budget and establish an appreciation of your business, combining your ideas with our expertise.  Agree design aspects; styling, layout and navigation to match your requirements.  Advise you on presentation, text and graphics (e.g logo) /photographic content and our promotion services.  Achieved in person, via the telephone, e-mail  and also sending brochures and other literature by post if necessary.

Stage 2: Design and development

Following stage 1, we will compose an initial development web site, against the agreed requirements and specifications.  We will liaise with you during this process as necessary. 

Stage 3: Final Design

Your business website is ready for launch onto the internet.  The work to incorporate all the elements of stage 1 are now complete.  Website styling, text, graphics, navigation and any interactive elements are now included making a unique website from those already on the web.  On completion of this stage, we present the website to you for review.

Stage 4: Website Launch

Launch of your web site onto the World Wide Web, we will now promote the site to assist in conversion of site visitors into customers. 

Stage 5: Site Management and Maintenance

After launch of your website, regular updates will be needed ensuring it contains the latest business information and enhancements.  Working closely with customers we provide full web site life cycle support with flexible maintenance schedules to meet your needs.  With known fixed maintenance costs and comfort that updates will be performed responsively to your demands.

Other Website Features

Your web site can include interactive features such as enquiry forms, guest books, counters (these tell you numbers of people who visit your site).  We can advise on and include these features in our quotation.  Please note availability of some features may depend on your host ISP choice.

Your Location

Your location is not a prime factor.  It is not normally essential for us to visit our customers as we can communicate and produce your website via e-mail, fax and telephone in the majority of cases.