Design Options

We have a variety of web design options available to meet your specific requirements from single page, mini webs to customised and full bespoke designs and website packages.

Single Page Design 

A very basic single page design, it can contain a full summary of your business services/products.  These are low cost “startup” designs for an initial web presence.  With hosting it provides a first step for your domain and e-mail facilities.  

Mini Webs Design

This is our term for web site designs normally with 2 to 3 pages.  They provide sufficient information on your business, organisation, club etc to give your visitors an understanding of your business and the products or services you provide.

Web Site Design

A full web site design for businesses and organisations which covers details including e,g introduction, products, services, about us, news and contact web pages.  These web sites are normally between 5 to 10 pages.  Generally no real limit on number of pages, technical limitations are related to available web space and services provided by your host ISP.

Our Standard Design Range

In addition to our customised website design service, we have a range of “off the shelf ” designs, offering you a fast and lower cost solution.  So, if you prefer, you may select your website design from one of our web site design styles .